What’s in a name?

NYC Domain Names

Many new local startup businesses fail to put much thought into their online presence when forming their company, and this can prove to be a major mistake in the long run. Having a powerful online presence can greatly increase your chances of success, especially when competing locally against many other businesses that provide the same services, or sell the same products that you do.

Before you can setup a website you need a domain name. But what’s in a name? Everything! Some advise is to only choose Dot-Com domain names for your main website. If you’re not concerned with traffic bleeding, branding or name recognition, and knowing someone else owns the Dot-Com to your online presence then you don’t need to worry about owning the Dot-Com. For everyone else that wants to setup a long term successful business, always go for the Dot-Com.

Avoid Copyright Infringement – Do not buy or build a website that infringes on someone else’s copyright. Period. You will be headed for big trouble legally if you do so.

Make sure it is easy to say and easy to remember. In the domain name world it is called passing the ‘radio test’. If the name is said on the radio can someone easily understand it and will know how to spell it correctly? If not someone is going to go online and end up visiting someone else’s website.

NYC Domain Name Considerations

What are some other considerations to take when searching for a NYC domain name?

If possible, include keywords in the domain name. This is a great way to use your domain name as part of your branding strategy and enhance your SEO efforts. This is especially true when trying to dominate your local search market. We have tremendous experience in this field and know this works without a doubt! If your business is local, consider including your city or state in your domain name to make it easy for local customers to find and remember. Example: NYCPlumbingCompany.com

If you find the right domain name, act fast! Domain names sell quickly so register your domain names as soon as possible or you could lose that perfect domain name to another business or domain name flipper who will be willing to sell you the domain name at a huge markup.

If you want to learn more, or need assistance about selecting the right domain name for your business feel free to contact us. The NYC Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping small businesses get online and reach their goals.