NYC Chamber of Commerce

New York City Chamber of Commerce

Explore some of the benefits of joining the NYC Chamber of Commerce – besides the FREE Membership!

The NYC Chamber of Commerce provides business ‘write ups’ which provide the business the ability to have us craft an informational article to be added to our website that will provide viewers the ability to learn more about your business, and obtain contact (and website address) information for your business.

Gone are the days where you add a simple 20 word text advertisement and think customers are going to flock to you. This is the age of competition, and the customers you are fighting to win over expect value; starting with the value of information you provide them to make an educated decision when thinking about using your service or product.

NYC Chamber of Commerce
members will be happy to learn that EVERY member gets a search engine optimized business article write up that will continue to benefit them when visitors use our website, or when this informational article write up gets returned to web searchers using Google, Yahoo, and Bing!!! Our SEO experts work hard to get you fund online; both on our chamber website and more importantly on all of the major search engines.

NYC Chamber of Commerce Partnerships

To enhance our ability to serve our members with increased benefits we always look to partner with corporations that can provide our members the needed services to run a successful business but that provide discounts to our chamber members. These include partnerships with financial institutions, office supply companies, healthcare networks, auto sales and insurance companies, and other business providers.

Our team of business and marketing experts are ready to help you with your business.

As a NYC Chamber of Commerce member we can help you build a stronger business, connect with prospective clients, take advantage of new resources, and be a part of a community of influencers.

The NYC Chamber of Commerce supports the growth and success of our members by providing marketing, promotional advertising and web development services. Our NYC Chamber is 100% FREE and through our experts volunteer’s, partnerships, and local NYC business services we provide individual, community and business growth.