NYC Chamber of Commerce

Founding members coming together to form the best Chamber in NYC.

The NYC Chamber of Commerce is about business; your business. Our chamber differs from the other New York City Chambers as we solely focus on helping you start and grow your business.

The NYC Chamber of Commerce was founded by a group of NYC business and entrepreneur leaders with over 50 years of marketing, sales, web design, vide production, and business experience. As the chamber grows, our collective knowledge and resource base grows with it, making our network one of the most advanced body of professionals here in NYC.

New York City Chamber provides the tools, technology, and networking capabilities to help businesses start up, and excel in New York City and its surrounding areas.

Chamber Premium Members get exposure to millions of potential customers each month via top placement in local New York City advertising partners and affiliates. Members can also utilize our website and subscriber base to promote deals, content, social activities, and information about your business.

Our Chamber’s editorial and web team of experts provide news, guides and reviews of small business products and services essential for growing your business. We also have the team to help you with all of your online and offline marketing needs.

For more information about marketing your local business or helping you excel in New York City give us a call.

If you are a advertiser interested in promoting your organization to our membership please contact us.

NYC Chamber of Commerce.