Social Media Solutions for Business

Social Media as we know it is essential to ensure the advancement of your Organizations goals no matter how small or how big. Used properly, a well designed and executed social media campaign can increase traffic to your website and blog, increase awareness of your brand, products and services, all while in the process leading to increased sales. Having a properly set up and complete social marketing campaign, is no longer a luxury but a necessity for every growing business.

Traditional marketing and advertising channels now require at least 16 times the exposure to guarantee follow through or a sale. Newspaper ads or print coupons are being replaced by online channels such as Amazon, eBay and Groupon. When it comes to trust, customers or perspective clients want to look at referrals instead of trusting in traditional advertisements. Social media is the new trend for business with over a billion users to market your products to. However, to do this right you have to be active, with the limited time of business owners, this is why you may want to consider outsourcing your social media; with the B2B you can have this service by itself or bundled into our package services which are built to be more cost effective for clients.

Our Social Media Services Include:
•Set up a Social Media Service with a collected number of social sites
•Branding your entire Social Media Network to match your website
•Weekly maintenance of your Social Media Network
•Create a YouTube Channel and upload one or more videos
•Create Fan Base for Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook
•Authoring content for your Social Media Network
•Create targeted videos and promoting throughout the social media network

The above Social Media initiatives for small business may seem challenging, and they are! This is why a strong professional team can go a long way. For our clients we start with a marketing consultation and then develop a customized approach to building a successful social media strategy. Best of all we can help with easy pay options to make it simple to start.