If your business limits its online presence to advertising banners and blogging, it’s missing out. The Internet provides powerful networking opportunities that allow users to effectively target their audience by logging on to social sites like LinkedIn, Digg and more. Through my own searches for online social media sites I came across a lot more than even knew was available so I took the time to share them all with you. Take advantage of these tools by asserting your company’s presence online and reaching more potential customers, business partners and employees. Just click on the icons below to check out the sites.

Marketing and advertising is essential to generating awareness of the company’s brand, product and services. With the right small business marketing and advertising methods, your business will be able to increase sales, raise brand awareness and gain a valuable understanding of what your target market wants.

The NYC Chamber Of Commerce offers a variety of marketing services that are sure to accommodate your small business marketing needs. Our services use an integrated marketing approach, combining traditional marketing practices with new age internet marketing and advertising trends.

Our small business marketing services include:

•Pay Per Click AdWords Setup: Pay your host for the number of clicks on your advertisement and begin to increase your visibility in top search engines such as Google, yahoo and Bing.

•Video Development & Distribution: Utilize the growing trend of video marketing to increase awareness of your company, product or service.

•Social Media Setup/Training: Make connections throughout the world and start gaining awareness for your company by using any of the numerous networking sites available.

•Branding: A well-thought branding strategy will seamlessly integrate all elements of your marketing efforts into one cohesive brand image.

•Newsletter Campaign Development: Form better relationships by keeping a constant communication stream with your clients via email marketing activities.

•Press Release Writing & Distribution: Allows you to share something newsworthy about your company; reach not only the media but also your potential buyers and gain web exposure.

This is only the beginning. Other small business marketing strategies include drip marketing, email, SEO, retargeting, mobile, coupon marketing and much more! Not sure which method would best suit your company? The New York City Chamber Of Commerce offers a free marketing consultation that will help you better understand the small business marketing options and we can custom tailor a marketing program for your budget.

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